Running Goals – 10 races in 2014

I have found that by stating your goals publicly, you have more chance to succeed.  So I have been posting my running goals at work for the last couple of years as part of a Gatorade initiative to #winfromwithin (yes, everything here has a hashtag and no, there is not Gatorade coming out of the water fountains).

So, here are mine (with my progress since I am posting this in May):

  1. Run 6 1/2 marathons – or about one every other month
    • Jan – Rock and Roll 1/2 in Tempe, AZ – COMPLETE – PR!  (2:03)
    • April – Bunny 1/2 in Chicago – COMPLETE – PR! (2:00:58)
    • June – signed up for the Chicago 1/2
    • July  – Rock and Roll Chicago – ready!
    • Sept – need to sign up for Chicago 1/2 (there seems to be a few of these, huh?)
    • Nov – signed up for Rock and Roll Vegas!
  2. Run 4 other races for a total of 10 races (this is a stretch since I ran 7 total last year)
    • Urbanathlon – Oct – 10.8 miles with crazy obstacles – run in less than 2 hours (2:10 in 2013 but I was stalled after the soldier field steps!)
    • 15K – Nov – Hot Chocolate
    • 10K – May – Susan G Komen – COMPLETE!
    • 5K – Bucktown and/or Chase Corporate Challenge

No problem.

We will see how the year progresses!



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