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Zoey's Journey

I made it to my new home and immediately felt comfortable enough to pee on the carpet downstairs. I don’t think that was well-received, so I made a mental note of it (and immediately forgot about it, I am a puppy, remember?). I had already met my brother, Busgy, and sister, Nikki. I posted a picture of them below. My new Mama takes a lot of pictures so I will be posting a lot in my dog-blog.

Looking back, I didn’t realize that they were also nervous about me joining the family so I didn’t play it safe at all, I jumped right in! I went to the toy bin (which I loved) and got a ball and then a rope to play tug – Nikki seemed to be the one to play tug with – I wanted to play all night! I was worried the fun was going to…

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  1. Very handsome family! After recently losing our golden retriever, Hobbes, I’m slowly giving some thought to another dog or two. There are so many rescue organizations and available dogs, I’m not sure where to begin! Quite sad.

    • Hi! If you need any help navigating through the animal adoption process please let me know, it can be intimidating and often frustrating. I recommend going to (will direct you to a rescue organization or a foster home where the animal is located) or a breed-specific rescue organization, e.g., golden or pug rescue, whatever type of dog you want, if you want a specific breed. For example, we adopted Zoey (my new puppy that is so smart she has her own blog!) from Chicago Pit Stop Rescue. They are focused on “bully breeds” or breeds identified as “pit bulls”, since they typically have to be pulled from the pound by a rescue group rather than adopted to a person directly.

      As I said, it can be intimidating! By adopting, you are saving 2 lives, by rescuing one dog and making space for another. I highly recommend another dog (or two); they are just wonderful to have around. After I lost Farley to cancer at an early age, we found Bugsy and he was the start to our handsome animal family we have today!

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