Got Botox?

If you read my first post, you know I am now on a “budget”. I have categorized my spending in great detail and I know that I spend an average of about $200 each month on beauty products. This does not include hair cuts, nails, etc., just products. In 6 months, that is $1200, 1 year, $2400, you get the math. This also does not include my new addition to the beauty repertoire, Botox.

I got Botox yesterday for the 2nd time for $360. During the visit, the Dr. asked me what my skin care regime was and I rattled off several high end department store brands like La Mer eye cream (the “miracle broth”!) as well as my new purchases from Barney’s, Dr. Sebagh (Cindy Crawford’s dermatologist – I would think he knows his stuff).

After hearing the extensive list of products, he stated that the department store products will never do what Botox can do for wrinkles. This is not the first time I have heard this, other dermatologists state this in articles, blogs, etc. Now, you skeptics out there may be saying, “They want to sell their own product lines.” OK so let’s go there. Before blowing $1100 on Dr. Sebagh’s line at Barney’s, I used Dr. Perricone’s skin care line, which is fairly expensive ($100 for eye cream, $250+ for his premium products). I asked my Dr. about those; he did hedge a bit and state that the Dr’s lines are better but still not at par with Botox and surgical procedures.

So…my thought is this: Should I stop spending so much on serums, creams, masks and exfoliating scrubs and just get Botox every 6 months or so? Or taking it a step further should I save that $ for a eye lift, face lift, etc. when nature calls for those measures? I am not against plastic surgery by any means; obviously I am not against Botox (however my fiance is but I think it is very sweet that he loves me as-is). Bottom line, I am conflicted to not use these products; I mean who really knows what they do? I could look 10 years older now if I didn’t use the products I swear by. Or I could look the same. But I only have one face and I want to keep it as young as possible for as long as possible so I guess I will continue on my current path.

More to come; I go back for my 14 day checkup to see if he used enough or he needs to add more. At $18 per cc (used 20 cc’s between my eyes on my forehead), it can add up pretty quickly. Last time I got Botox, no one noticed this but me, but I did notice less annoying wrinkles between my forehead after about a day or so and after a couple of weeks I seriously couldn’t find them anymore, even obsessively looking into my magnifying mirror (BTW, do not look at this after drinking or if you are depressed – it will not help, trust me).

For those of you that are nervous about it, don’t be; it would take a ton of Botox to give you that “frozen” look. Using normal amounts will stop your furrowing brow from happening, not stop you from having facial expressions. Who wants a furrowed brow anyway? That isn’t a pleasant look. You can always communicate your feelings if you choose (e.g., “I am confused.”) rather than have them show up on your face and inevitably morph into wrinkles. So I give it a thumbs up. But please go to a dermatologist that actually does this for a living, not some fly-by-night spa in your ‘hood. With something as important as your face and health, better safe than sorry I say. You have to remember, wrinkles do not give you character and they only look good on Bulldogs.


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